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Mouthpiece Silver & Gold Re-Plating for Brass Musical Instruments

“Hi Dave. The mouthpiece looks and plays incredibly great! There’s always the concern that it might play differently after it’s been refinished, but if anything it’s better. Great work. thanks!” Dave A., KY


Our customers ask us how we accomplish such beautiful results with their mouthpieces. Your mouthpiece is not just ‘dipped’ in a silver or gold solution. Skill, time and care is of utmost importance. There is no quick or fast process to give you professional results. Dave cares and guarantees your satisfaction. Here we share…”The Process”.

  • Mouthpiece is electro-cleaned in a heated soap bath.
  • Bore and exterior are cleaned with special fine brass brushes.
  • Dented shanks are made round and true.
  • Bad scratches and defects are removed; special care is given to cup dimensions.
  • Polishing stage #1: fine scratches are removed.
  • Polishing stage #2: careful first buffing.
  • Polishing stage #3: final buff for mirror jewelry finish.
  • Mouthpiece is steam cleaned.
  • Mouthpiece is electro-cleaned.
  • Mouthpiece is silver-plated
  • If requested, mouthpiece is gold plated.
Mouthpieces silver plated.
Mouthpieces prepped for plating.

Mouthpiece Engraving

Have your mouthpiece custom engraved.

*Any design you wish.

*Any two initials engraved: $25.00

Packing and Shipping

To help you get started:

  • Pack your mouthpiece using a box or bubble envelope.
  • Click HERE to print out PACKING SLIP and SHIPPING LABEL
  • Dave will contact you via email when your mouthpiece(s) is received.
  • At the time your mouthpiece(s) are completed, we will email you shipping and tracking information.
  • Shipping: We ship *USPS First Class Mail, 1-Mouthpiece only, NO CHARGE (3-7) days.
  • USPS Priority Mail available, $9.00 (2-3 days). If desired, please ask for Priority Mail return shipping.


Make check payable to: “DAVE FRIEDMAN”


We look forward to providing you with quality services.


The Finished Product

CONTACT US: TOLL FREE (877) 255-0193
Dave Friedman 1323 Euclid Ave. Bellingham, Washington 98229

Brass Instrument Silver Plating Mouthpiece Service
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