Dave Friedman has lived in Bellingham, Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the past 14 years. His band instrument repair career began in Elkhorn, Wisconsin in the early 1970’s. He learned the art of band instrument repair through the old apprentice style training program available at that time. He traveled from Los Angeles as an 18 year old to begin his training and has now been working in the field of restoring and refinishing brass and metals for 50 years.

~ We invite you to take advantage of his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

~ Questions about your mouthpiece and need for refinishing?

  • Dave will carefully custom hand work your mouthpiece, repairing ANY dented shanks, and will carefully remove bad scratches. No extra charge
  • He will then carefully polish, plate and final finish your mouthpiece to perfection.

~ Engraving? Yes, Dave is trained in the art of ‘hand’ engraving and can engrave a name, monogram or any other design you require. Feel free to contact him personally to discuss your needs.

To help you get started, here is some basic information:

  • Pack your mouthpiece using a box or bubble envelope.
  • Print out our insert or enclose a packing slip which includes your name, address, email and phone number and any instructions.
  • Dave will contact you via email when your mouthpiece(s) is received.
  • He will confirm with you the job required.
  • At the time your mouthpieces are completed, we will email you shipping and tracking information.
  • We take Credit card, Paypal or personal checks.
  • If you require or wish insurance or Priority shipping you must let us know in advance.

We look forward to providing you with quality services.


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